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How It Works

Introducing ClockCatcher

An Odometer Tampering Detection Tool!

Are you worried that the odometer on your car may have been tampered with? ClockCatcher is here to put your mind at ease and safeguard your automotive investment. With ClockCatcher, you can easily and accurately check for potential odometer tampering, helping ensure transparency and peace of mind.

Results returned by a ClockCatcher Search represent a point-in-time snapshot of vehicle listing history data held on file. This is comparable to how a PPSR search result is a point-in-time reflection of possible security interests registered against a vehicle.

In the event no results are returned – this means we do not currently have any vehicle listing history data available for that specific VIN and Registration combination which may have been advertised previously.

Information or a lack of information contained in search results does not mean that the vehicle is not, or has not been affected. ClockCatcher data is sourced from multiple third parties who provide sales data. The result of that data can highlight a possible odometer discrepancy.

Presently, the service is most efficient in detection of instances where a car is: advertised; sold; clocked; then re-advertised. We are of course, working diligently making enhancements with our expanded data sources, (particularly historic data) which we expect to be available soon.

Our current focus is to stop odometer tampering in its entirety, which starts with stopping the way it is being done at the moment. A car is purchased online with high kilometres, then clocked, put back online via sales platforms and sold to an unsuspecting consumer.

Example of a car that cannot be caught? A vehicle purchased new that is a one owner car. This car could never be caught by our program unless it was first advertised, then later purchased, clocked, and re-advertised.



Protect your investment

A car is a significant investment. ClockCatcher helps search and compare odometer readings to help you make more informed decisions when purchasing a used car.

Easy to Use

ClockCatcher’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to check your car’s odometer for possible tampering. With just a few clicks, you can quickly determine if any manipulation has occurred.

Detect Tampering Indicators

ClockCatcher employs advanced algorithms to identify potential tampering indicators, such as inconsistencies between the current and previous odometer readings. Rest assured that you’ll receive reliable results. Please make sure you double check your VIN number before submitting. 

Secure and Reliable

Your data privacy is our top priority. ClockCatcher ensures that all information you provide during the process remains secure and confidential. 

Works with Used Vehicles

ClockCatcher is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making it suitable for use with various car makes and models.

Our Process

How It Works


Enter Details

Simply input your car’s VIN number and Registration.


Quick Analysis

ClockCatcher will analyse the provided data using its advanced algorithms to detect inconsistencies in recent sales listings and highlight any signs of potential tampering.


Receive Results

Within moments, ClockCatcher will present you with clear and concise results if the car is in our database, indicating whether any tampering is suspected.


Take Informed Action

Armed with this information, you can make well-informed decisions when buying a used car or ensuring your vehicle’s integrity.

Note: While ClockCatcher is a powerful tool for detecting potential odometer tampering, it is essential to consider other factors, such as the car’s maintenance history and overall condition, when evaluating a used vehicle.

Don’t let odometer tampering catch you off guard! Invest in ClockCatcher today and protect yourself from fraudulent practices. Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle’s mileage is accurate and trustworthy. ClockCatcher – Your partner in odometer integrity.

Disclaimer: ClockCatcher provides a tampering detection service based on the data entered by users. While it can help identify potential inconsistencies, it does not guarantee absolute detection in all cases. Always exercise due diligence when evaluating a used vehicle.